Jesus Is My...
Names of God - Father!
I Am A Christian, What It Means
Be Fruitful, Fill The Earth, Subdue It
God's Gift and Your Gift to God
GOD Has A Positive Answer
Easter 2012 - Good People, Heaven and The Christ
The Revelation of the Risen Christ
The Devil and The Duck
Jesus, the Noah's Ark
Carrying Your Cross
A Picture of Hope
Seasons of Life - Embracing Change
Seasons of Life
Live Caleb's Way
Why Did Jesus Fold The Napkin?
A Church - Moses, Elijah and Jesus
A Little Girl and Her Father - The Bond
A Little Girl and Her Father - Perspective
A Mansion and A Motorbike - Position
A Mansion and a Motorbike - Seek
Knowing Him - The Master Key
Lost Kingdom
What Have She Heard?


Merry Christmas 2014
Merry Christmas! 2013
Why Would God Hear My Prayers?
Prayer For Leaders
Merry Christmas! 2012
The Lord's Prayer and Blessings
Merry Christmas! 2011
Why Do We (Still) Pray? - Enter His Rest
Why Do We (Still) Pray? - Faith
Why Do We (Still) Pray?
Merry Christmas! 2010
Confidence in Prayer
Psalm 23 - The Poet vs The Shepherd
The People Who Hear
Recognizing God's Voice
How God Speaks
Fearless Heart - Prayer
Jabez Prayer

Holy Spirit

God's Spirit Will Help You Overcome Sin
God's Spirit Will Empower Your Witness
God's Spirit Will Guide You
Who Is The Holy Spirit?
Our Peace Continues As We Follow The Holy Spirit
How The Holy Spirit Work With The Father And The Son
Who The Holy Spirit Helps
Why Christians Need the Holy Spirit
How The Holy Spirit Works In Out Life
Why God Gives Us The Holy Spirit
GOD Most Want To Give, Gift
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